As a dedicated Crabbist and sea food lover, proven by many enjoyable trips to the Northern French shores to grab the crab and wondrous delights that emerge from the nets of our Gallic fishing neighbours hauled by the boat load onto the harbour walls where eager locals and visitors alike wait patiently for the sale to begin. (Most recently on a trip to the beautiful town of HonFleur) ChefingCrisis have indulged in many a happy hour feasting upon the freshest caught Crab from Common Brown to Spider and Snow Crab with each restaurant adding their own spin to an interesting choice of regional tastes and flavours to enhance the creamy sweet flesh of perfectly cooked Crustaceans.

So we ask ourselves after much deliberation and hours of idle chat “is there a correct way to eat your Crab”?

One restaurateur offers nothing more than a napkin for a dressed crab while others will bring a tool box of gadgetry to assist in the final conflict of extracting flesh from shell either way the final outcome will be of enjoyment, it simply comes down to how comfortable you are in the surroundings of a restaurant offering these ocean delights and of course the company you’re with, crab is to sharing as water is to drinking, it has to be done.

There really is no right or wrong way only your way, is it neatly presented in shell with accompaniments or simply served from pot to plate with fingers and hope. Crab has been enjoyed for many years in all ways and proves to be a timeless classic cooked simply or extravagantly, ChefingCrisis will be leaving the British shores once again soon to indulge their passion in all that’s Crab.